• Carpet cleaning.

We will help you get rid of that musky smell and uncomfortable feel by using different methods and techniques. A clean and warm carpeting is essential in every space. Maintain your carpet’s look and feel through regular professional cleaning.

  • Move in/ move out cleaning.

No more worries about the mess you might be leaving behind when you move out, or the mess you might encounter in that new place. Reach out to us and we will have your mind at ease while you move out into your new place.

  • Upholstery (sofa cleaning).

Avoid allergies and any other possible infections by keeping your upholstery clean and dust free. Our cleaning experts will take care of your sofas to ensure that they retain their original look/ feel and that you continue enjoying using them.

  • Post construction clean-up.

We will take care of that post construction debris and leave you in your new home looking fresh and sparkling ready for you and your family to make new memories.

  • Fumigation/pest control

Pests are not only annoying and embarrassing, but they als carry diseases. As such, we help you take care of that annoying pest issue using the best products in the market.

  • Lawn mowing

An attractive and well-kept lawn is essential in giving you and your home a presentable look, one that your neighbors will be envious of. Hire us for professional and good quality lawn mowing.

  • Fence trimming

We will help you level those hedges and get rid of those unsightly twigs, leaving you with a clean and neat compound.